Месячные тарифы: Место в 6-местном номере 9500; Место в 2-местном номере - 13500. ЗВОНИТЕ!


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+7 905 254-56-48

Chief Executive Director

+7 (961) 806-01-66

WonderHostel on Nevsky

St. Petersburg, Nevsky pr., house 23, 191186

+7 (952) 203-66-48

Closest Subway stations – «Gostiny dvor» and «Nevsky prospekt» (Exit to Kanal Griboedova).

How to get to: The hostel is located in the house №23 on Nevsky prospect. To reach the entrance door go through the arch rightwards from the "CKA" hockey shop. In the yard there is a caffe on the leftside. Right behind the caffe terrace find the doorsteps and our sign on the door (a white square tablet). On the interphone dail 23 (it is written on the tablet) and wait for receptionist to let you in. Climb the stairs to the topmost floor and be welcomed at WonderHostel!

WonderHostel Central

St. Petersburg, Zagorodny pr., h. 15, 191002

+7 (952) 203-57-88

10 minutes from "Vladimirskaya/Dostoevskaya" subway station, 10 minutes from "Pushkinskaya/Zvenigorodskaya" subway station and Vitebsky railway station.

How to get to: To reach the hostel find house 15 (it is in 10 minutes from either of the closest subway stations). The hostel entrance is not in the main building facade, but in the left-side wall of the building, from the green court. Find a porch and a door with our sign (a white square tablet) and dail 16 on the interphone (it is written on the tablet). Climb the stairs to the topmost floor and be welcomed at WonderHostel!

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